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Articles and Reviews

U.S.A., The New York Times
"..It also freed him to express a musical personality that enjoyed broad swells of tempo for atmospheric effect without ever losing the music's momentum."

U.S.A., The Dallas Morning News
"Guitarist Benítez strums up charm...Córdoba from Albéniz was pure magic in Benítez hands".

Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Día
"Benítez, Maestro de lo Latinoamericano".

Rome, Il Tempo
"L'escuzione di Bach e Scarlatti e stata di una limpidezza espressiva che potremmo definire esemplare"

Augsburg, Augsburger Feuilleton
"Gitarrenspiel in vollendung, Baltazar Benítez aus Uruguay begeisterte im Augustana-Sall".

Composers as Manuel Castillo, Abel Carlevaro, Astor Piazzolla and Ernesto Cordero have written specially for Baltazar Benítez.

Also the transcriptions made by Mr. Benítez and edited by Chantarelle Verlag, Germany, are performed very often by the most eminents guitarists of the world (among others) John Williams's CD"the Spirit of the Guitar.

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